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Popular Folkdance from northeast Cambodia.   Photo courtesy of Kanery Gallagher
    The purpose of this webpage is to entertain and most importantly to share Cambodian culture to others. A country located in Southeast Asia, it is nestled between Thailand and Vietnam. Click on map to see the location of Cambodia, 931 bytes Cambodia has had its share of sufferings through wars and it is here where the notorious "killing fields" occured.

        Fortunately, there is more to this country than these tragic images have projected, it is rich in culture and history. The particulars of this site would cover on some aspects of the culture, mainly the storytelling.

           Folktales present an interesting insight to the culture since they reflect the customs and ways of life of simple folks. These tales have been around a long time since the beginning of civilization, they were in fact an attempt to explain the natural and spiritual world and as they passed through the centuries, they evolved through different forms, here are some of them:

  1. Animal Stories are stories which feature talking animals, they often teach a moral lesson.
    The Tiger and the Mouse

  2. Legends often features mythical creatures, such as the Naga, the seven-headed serpent that is often depicted in Cambodian art.Click to see the picture of Naga
    The Legend of Cambodia The Nymph and the Giant

  3. Moral Stories focuses on morals and values, each one demonstrate the good that comes to people who do good and the karmac consequences for those who do bad.
    The Three Bald Men The Girl who has holes in her basket

These stories along with proverbs,and classical dance provide a window to the Cambodian culture and let's not forget the unique architecture of Angkor Wat, all together will help foster a better understanding of this country.

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