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Cambodian Folktales

The purpose of this webpage is to entertain and most importantly to share Cambodian culture to others who have perhaps not heard anything more of this country than the political turmoil and of course the tragedy of the "killing fields".

My target audience will be anybody who is interested in learning about different cultures but mostly I would like to address my page to the younger Cambodian-American generation who grew up abroad, does not have any identification with their Cambodian roots.

My webpage will be arranged in this order, I will have an index page which will have an image map, which will lead to the following:

  1. An introduction will have all the links to the different pages within the site. These will be the links:
    • Stories will have brief description of each folktales and links to each story.
    • Music, a brief description of musical instruments.
    • Dance, difference between traditional and folk dances.
    • Architecture of Cambodia
    • A photo gallery

I will attempt to divide folktales into 3 or more different groups:

  1. Animal Stories are stories which feature talking animals, they often teach a moral lesson, the tiger and the mouse.

  2. Legends often features mythical creatures, such as the Naga, the seven-headed serpent that is often depicted in Cambodian art.

  3. Moral Stories focuses on morals and values, each one demonstrate the good that comes to people who do good and the karmac consequences for those who do bad.

  4. Proverbs represent traditional wisdom. They are often expressed in concise and witty statements.