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These stories were told to Fernando Peñalosa by don Pedro Miguel Say, a famous Q'anjob'al storyteller from San Miguel Acátan, Huehuetenango, Guatemala, who now lives in Los Angeles, California, in the Koreatown area. Each month new folktales will be reprinted on the FolkArt & Craft Exchange. Permission to reproduce these stories not for profit is hereby granted, provided all copies contain the following notice: "From Tales and Legends of the Q'anjob'al Maya, published by Yax Te' Press, copyright 1995."  In February of 1997 Yax Te' Press was reorganized as a 501 © 3 tax-exempt non profit organization known as the Yax Te’ Foundation.

Below you will find selected Mayan Folktales as translated by Fernando Peñalosa.

Scroll down & enjoy !


  1. In these Mayan folktales the Rabbit is often referred to as the "mayor". No one knows why the Rabbit is called the "mayor".
  2. The Spanish word compadre refers to the godfather; comadre refers to the godmother.

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